Story of Build

Business experts have spent the last few years trying to minimize paper-based processes to take their business into the digital age.

Their goals were simple: making business processes faster, easier, and cheaper, but the apps they created didn’t always fit the bill nor were they centered around the user. The original Build team, knew that breaking up was hard, so they set out to find a way to make it easier.

Our team started by asking a few hard questions like, “why are 70% of deployed applications never adopted?” and “why don’t deployed applications meet the needs of their stakeholders and users?” We sat, we talked with each other, we asked more questions, and what we came up with was incredibly obvious, but ridiculously meaningful. The truth is, a lot of times the people who design business apps aren’t designers, they’re business people. They speak and think like business people, which makes them great at their jobs, but not so great at communicating their app ideas to management and developers, and even worst at designing for their users.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we committed to finding one.

We’ve created design-thinking inspired learning cards, interactive prototyping, and structured user research tools to give business people everything they need to create consumer-grade business applications for SAP ecosystems.

The best part? Our seamless integration of user-centered design principles gets anyone practicing design thinking before they even know it’s called design thinking.

Introducing Build, a set of tools distinctly created to make enterprise UX matter more.

Breaking up just got a whole lot easier.