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Episode 1: Monkey Lucy Visits Planet Banana
Lucy is enjoying her vacation, sipping a fresh coconut before her Banana Jungle Tour. Relaxed, she catches up on some local news…
But what she finds isn’t so local… it’s affecting all of Planet Banana.
How can it be that all bananas trees are dying? What about Lucy’s tickets to the Banana Jungle Tour? She runs to the Banana Jungle to see for herself…
Oh no! It turns out Musalit Journal wasn’t fake news. The newspaper was right - the banana trees are completely devastated. No wonder there were such few tourists visiting Planet Banana!
Lucy realizes she has to do something - her great grandmonkey always taught her to do the right thing
Saving Planet Banana will need all of Lucy’s time and attention. How can she be the face of a product when she’s a million light years away? Lucy knows she has to give up her role with Build, so what can she do to secure its future before she leaves? Can she create something even better to replace her?
Stay tuned for Episode 2, when we find out how Lucy begins her search for the best replacement to carry on her legacy!

Episode 2: Mission Possible
(Monkey Lucy Takes on the Galaxy)
After a long night of tossing and turning, Lucy takes off towards her home base, Planet Build.
Lucy knows how important it is for Build to stand out, so she visits different planets to observe how they stay fresh and relevant. Whether it’s the Enterprise Galaxy or the Retail Galaxy, Lucy knows that to stay competitive, all research is good research!
Lucy lands on Planet Build and dives into her observation notes from all the galaxies. Feeling overwhelmed with all that she’s found, Lucy calls in reinforcements from Team Build!
Together, they talk with other astronauts to see how they describe Planet Build and its inhabitants. Lucy and the team do a monkey-storming activity to capture the essence of Build’s personality coming up with exciting ideas about what Build can become.
After endless monkey-storming, Lucy and the team feel confident that these attributes will guide Planet Build in its quest to be the most popular planet in the Enterprise Galaxy...and perhaps the whole Universe! Lucy believes that if Planet Build stays true to these principles, its inhabitants will always feel happy and truly cared for.
What is Lucy sketching? How will these principles come to life and help guide Build to become the most popular planet? Stay tuned and find out tomorrow!
Episode 3: Monkey Lucy’s Mission
is No Monkey Business
After taking some time to reflect, Lucy realizes just how much Build has grown over the years. Confident that Build will continue to evolve, Lucy brainstorms logo ideas that mirror the core principles, with enough flexibility to accommodate future growth.
Settled on a few solid directions, Lucy meets with lead astronauts from Mission Control to get feedback and a big thumbs-up on her logo concepts before continuing to phase two of ideation — logo sketching!
Lucy looks at the wall of her unpolished sketches, and smiles. Finding beauty in the madness of ideating, Lucy knows that every sketch tossed into the trash gets her one step closer to creating the perfect logo.
After hundreds of sketches, many rounds of reviews with Mission Control, (and invaluable help from her team), Lucy has created the perfect logo for Build. She is confident that the new logo will embody the personality of Build not just for today, but for years to come. Lucy is so excited to reveal the new brand to everyone, but when will she get the chance to get the whole team together? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out!

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